Explain the chronological evolution of quality control and change in concept in different era.

Ans. The chronological evolution of quality control should be done in the following way:
Inspection: primary concern    -   detection
View of quality  -    A problem to be solved.
Emphasis  -    product uniformity
Methods   - Gauging and measurement
Role of quality  - inspecting, sorting, counting and
Professionals  -    grading.
Whose -       the inspection department
Orientation and  -  ‘inspect-in’ quality
Quality control:
Primary concern  -    control
View of quality  -     A problem to be solved
Emphasis  -  product uniformity with reduced inspection.

Methods - statistical process control
Role of quality  -  troubleshooting and statistical

Professionals  method

Whose responsibility   -   manufacturing and engineering department
Orientation and        -    ‘control-in’ quality

Quality assurance:
Primary concern        -    coordination
View of quality        -       A problem to be solved productively
Emphasis            -        entire production chain
Methods          -       programmes and systems
Role of quality         -     quality measurement, planning
Professionals         and programee. Design
Whose responsibility   -     all departments with minimal top management involvement
Orientation and       -     ‘Build-in’ quality

Total quality management 
Primary concern      -      Strategic impact
View of quality        -       A competitive opportunity
Emphasis        -    the market and customer needs.
Methods         -     strategic planning, goal setting and 
Role of quality       -     goal setting, education and
Professionals              training, team work and
                                    Programme design

Whose   -     everyone, management provides
Responsibility             strong leadership

Orientation and approach - ‘manage-in’ quality