Explain the evaluation of the prototype.

Ans. As this stage of design, the designer will invariably under tremendous pressure to quickly finish the design and pass it on for production. This is so, because even with the best of forecasting planning and vigorous progressing of design the target dates of completion generally arrive too soon. Thus there is nothing more be so serious that the whole project or the product may be a failure, resulting in attendant losses and loss of reputation Although the general functioning of a product can be seen by casual observation. During the short period of its service with the users, it was revealed that the equipment had serious functional drawbacks and a very low level of reliability. A major redesign project was undertaken to remove these snags. The evaluation of the prototype should be carried out according to a well planned evaluation programme. It is advisable that evaluation programme be co-ordinated by an agency different from the designer, so that objectivity of evaluation can be maintained. This process of abjustment of design and evaluation should be continued until a fully satisfactory design is evolved.