Explain the evolution of quality control.

The concept of quality control is not new. It is taken from the stone age. In present age stone man was assessing the quality of the tool which he had manufactured, by comparing it with his mental picture of a good tool .
At that time he was the manufacturer as well as user, due to this he made efforts to attain the quality that meet his purpose. This situation changed with time, and there is specialization in each field, to meet the changing requirement of society.
Along with the changing production system quality control practices also evolution to suit the product and method of production. The evolution steps are as follow:
Craftsmanship : the quality control was exercised by the craftsman. The reputation for craftsmanship and the incentives of better price for a superior product were the main governing factors of product quality.
Supervisor’s control : during the industrial revolution large manufacturing factories were established to meet the large customers demand. That’s why to control the working of large workers supervisor is required.

Inspection: with the advent of the manufacture interchangeability on a mass scale, it became essential to critically examine each component with the help of gauges.