Explain the methods and techniques of manufacturing process.

Ans. Manufacturing engineering can be defined as the study of the various processes required to produce parts and to assemble them into machines and mechanisms.
Casting process: In this the metal in the molten state is poured into a mould and allowed to solidify into a shape, e.g., sand casting, die casting etc.
Deformation process: in this the material is plastically deformed under the action of an external force, to product the required shape, .e.g., forging, drawing etc.
Machining process: this is also known as metal cutting or chip forming process. Here material is removed from a work piece to get the final shape of the product, e.g., turning, broaching, drilling etc.
Powder metallurgy: this is also known as particulate processing methods. Here the particles of various sizes of metals, ceramics, and polymers etc. are pressed to shape and then sintered to get the final product.
Heat treatment and surface treatment processes: these are employed to improve the properties of a work piece. e.g. annealing, tempering etc. surface treatment processes include electro-plating and painting etc.

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Techniques: there are mainly tow techniques as
Numerical control, computer numerical and direct numerical control.
Computer aided process.
Flexible manufacturing system.
Industrial robots.