What is service quality? What are the factors of service quality?

 Ans. Strategies that have produced significant result in production are often harder to implement in a service environment. Customer service is the set of activities an organization uses to win and retain customer satisfaction. It can be provided before, or after the sale of the product or exist on its own.
Educating the customer : it is part of the normal job of sales personnel. Before a customer buys anything, he must know about characteristics and capabilities of the product, to enable him to decide whether it will meet his requirement.
Maintenance and repair: the machines and equipments are well designed and manufactured, still require attention in the form of maintenance and repairs. The efficient provision of these services will require the following:
Creation of a service organization
Setting up of repair facilities
 Feedback on repair problems
Creation of service organization: the service organization is a branch of the sales department and is manned by technical staff, which has an intimate knowledge of the subject machines, so as to be able to provide advice regarding
installation operation, maintenance  and repair.
Setting up of repair facilities: servicing and repair centre may be set up and managed by the company itself, or it may issue licences to other repair agencies to provide these services on its behalf. It will be the company’s responsibility to provide repair manuals, the training of repair agency staff, equipment, spare parts and other accessories required efficient maintenance and repair. The company should also arrange for periodic quality audits of the repair agencies.

Feedback on repair problems: quality engineers of the company should maintain close relation with the repair agencies, because many inadequacies in the quality of the product are brought out only during repair. The repair agency should be encouraged to report all unusual defects. The analysis of these defect reports could result in improvement in design process of manufacturing.