Why there is necessity of product control during inspection?

Ans. Inspection of product takes time, which may extend from a few hours to a few days, depending upon the product. Due to this it is necessary to exercise suitable control on the movement of product through the inspection area. Some of the measures adopted for this purpose are given below;
Inspection area should be secure.
All stores coming in or going out of inspection area should carry written authorization from the inspection section.
Compartments should be arranged for keeping various categories of stores.
For more than one batch, allotting suitable batch numbers.
Acceptable and rejected product should be properly arranged.

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Acceptable product should be stamped with acceptance mark. During planning of inspection, consideration should also be given to the flow of product through the inspection station. The inspection stations should be so planned that they are in the normal route of the product so that additional movement and handling of the product is avoided. During the inspection the main object is our product, due to this the greater inspection the main object is our product, due to this the greater consideration should be given on this and this will be subjected to all those conditions that are explained in the design of the product after testing. During inspection the data should be compared to the limiting values and if satisfied then the inspection should be completed of the particular product under controlled condition.