Advice the organization structure needed to deal with quality problems. Write the duties of quality staff.

Ans. by organization here is meant, formal organization. For a very small establishment comprising of only a few persons, there may no need for any formal organizational structure. This may be so, because everyone fully understands everyone else and they know their limits of responsibility and authority. On the other hand, in a relatively large company the benefit of the close proximity of the boss is absent. But by the organization structure creation of harmonious human relations and reduces the chances of misunderstanding and error. The benefits are:
*It provides for the optimum use of resources.
*It stimulates creativity by removing routine burdens from those who are supposed to do creative thinking.
*It aids, in the correct evaluation of individual contributions, and effective management. The progress of industrialization, development of new techniques has led to the development of large industrial organizations with multi plant and multilevel operations. These days, the business has to face many problems due to:
*Increase in the product complexity and size of operation.
Staff competition at national and international levels.
*To face these challenges, to strive for excellence, and grow in business the responsibility for product quality has gradually shifted from operator to foreman to inspector to quality control department and later to quality management by the organization structure. 

Duties of quality staff:
To design the plans, procedures and methods for achieving quality assurance.
To establish controls at all stages of manufacturing this includes specifying quality control methods at incoming inspection, at stations of manufacture, at finished goods inspection, and at shipping.
To establish standards of quality as for appearance uniformity, color to minimize the disputes between inspection and production.
The quality engineer specifies the inspection and test equipment which will be used for quality evaluation.
To develops new and improved testing methods and techniques.
It prepares the programme of gauge maintenance and control.
It is his responsibility to conduct special economic studies pertaining to quality costs with minimum total cost as the objectives
It is responsible to conduct a dynamic quality orientation and training programme which meets the needs of each level of workers and supervision effectively

To create quality-mindness in the organization