Differentiate between quality of conformance and quality of performance.

Ans. Quality of conformance: It is concerned whit how well the manufactured product conforms to the quality of design. When a design has been established, it is the task of all responsible for production planning and manufacture to obtain a high level of quality of conformity. The measure of truthfulness with which the product conforms to the design specifications are depend upon the following factors:
1     1.  The incoming raw materials are of adequate quality.
2     Proper selection of the process and adequate process control.
3     The operators should be well trained, experienced and motivated for quality consciousness.
4      Proper care should be taken in shipment and storage of finished goods.
5     Feedback from bout, the internal inspection and the customers, are obtained regarding quality for taking corrective action.
6     SQC techniques should be used to control variability in manufacturing process.

Quality of performance: the quality of performance is concerned with how well the manufactured product gives its performance. It depends upon i) quality of design, ii) quality of conformance. It can be a best design possible, but poor conformance control cannot make the product function correctly, if t6he design itself is not right.