Explain the quality functions.

The quality functions can be considered in to distinct groups , namely quality engineering and quality control
Quality Engineering : this comprises of specialist staff function as well as activities connected with the development defining , and planning of quality during the preproduction stage. Its main work elements are given below: advice to the management on the quality policy of the company and laying down realistic quality objectives. The analysis of the customer’s quality requirements and the formulation of design specifications
The review and evaluation of product design with a view to improving quality and reducing quality costs.
Defining quality standards preparation of product specifications. Planning process controls to ensure quality conformance.
Development of quality control techniques and inspection methods including the design of special test equipment
Conducting process-capability studies, analysis of quality costs
Quality audit and organizing training in quality programme
Quality control: it is concerned with the interpretation and implementation of quality plans. It comprises of in-process and post-production testing, which are aimed at ensuring the quality conformance of products. The main works are given below:
Assistance in establishing quality controls at various points of manufacturing process, maintenance and calibration process control equipment
Investigation of defects and assistance in solving quality problems during production and implementation of quality control measures
Organizing stage or interstage inspection whenever required and arranging final inspection to assess the quality of the end product
Checking the quality of packaging to ensure that the product is able to withstand transportation hazards
Feedback of defect data and customer complaints to the quality engineering sec